Prayer Shawl (new)


 Members meet quarterly to pray for recipients of shawls they are knitting/crocheting. Shawls are given to individuals as a symbol of God's love.

         Knit, Purl, Crochet and Pray

This prayer shawl ministry began in 2009 at Faith Lutheran Church in Kinston, NC.  This group welcomes anyone who already knows, or who wishes to learn, this enjoyable craft.  Some members are unable to attend the gatherings, so they create shawls on their own.  

This group creates prayer shawls and baby blankets.  Both items are "cast-on or chained" with prayers and blessings for the recipient (known or not).  Any pattern may be used.

When the shawl is completed, it is blessed during worship. The gift of a prayer shawl is a reminder of God's ever present love- as near to you as your own skin is to your body. 

It is a gift.....

For all times - joyful or sorrowful;

For all seasons and circumstances - chosen or not chosen

For every occasion - celebrating or grieving.




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